November 29, 2011

Free Listening!!

So, now that everyone has had a chance to read my review of "The Alloy of Law", I'm sure that anyone who didn't already own the book immediately rushed out to buy it. Right? Right?

"But wait," some of you whine, "I only enjoy stories that are read to me by amazing narrators! I have no patience for those printed word thingies!"

Well, first of all, they're called books. And second of all, you are in luck, for I was recently informed that The Alloy of Law is also available in audiobook format from Macmillan Audio! Even better: It's read by the AMAZING* Michael Kramer!

If you would like a free sample, you can find it HERE, hosted by the publisher, who graciously offered to let me post this link for your listening pleasure.


*Totally unbiased opinion. No, really. The man rocks. He is the man who also read Mistborn and The Wheel of Time, among other things.

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